Crew Management

Crew Management

We provide Seafarers of various Nationalities to our valued Client as per their demand.  

Pleased to say that in our Pool having Seafarers from various Nationalities, we maintain large number of crew data in our System.

Seafarer Selection Process :

Our specialty to make Perfect Selection of Seafarers as per Clients demands, prior to propose candidates to Ship-owners / Operators, all candidates must have passed through a proper screening process regarding their qualification, Experience, service of previous types Vessel, documents / certificates, personal conduct / attitude and whether the candidates meets the requirement and suitable for the current vacancy.

Officers & Engineers :

  • Our Officer and Engineers are holding high standard Certificates of Competency (CoC), their CoC and Training Certificates compliance and fulfill the requirements of any Flag registered vessels.
  • Our Officers and Engineers having strong Academic background, they are competent, qualified, highly skilled and well experienced.
  • Our Officers and Engineers always keep themselves updated with the new rule and regulation, related to Maritime and Shipping Industry. 

Cadets Programme

Deck Cadet :
  • Passed out from Pakistan Marine Academy,
  • Holding BSc. Degree in Maritime Studies
  • Strong Training & Academic Background
Engine Cadet :
  • Passed out from Pakistan Marine Academy,
  • After Passing out from Academy, attended one Year Professional Training at Marine Workshop.
  • Holding BSc. Degree in Marine Engineering.
  • Having Strong Engineering Training & Academic Background

Ratting Crew:

  • Our Crew are well Trained and Qualified for the Rank assigned, holding Certificate of Proficiency (COP) and done Training courses as per the requirements to meet the latest STCW Regulation.
  • Our Crew are obedient,  hardworking, energetic, professionally sound, well skilled and fully competent to perform assigned duties. 
  • Our Crew are always updated with the new rules and regulations, related to Maritime and Shipping Industry. 

English Language and Computer Skill:

Our officers and Engineers having high level (Excellent) for English Language Speaking/Writing and very good in Computer operation. Rating are up to standard to meet onboard working English Language.

Inspections and Dealings with Oil Majoring Companies and Various Authorities:

Our Seafarers having good experience of dealing with Oil Majoring Companies, Ship Vetting Inspection, US Coast Guard Inspection, Port State Control (PSC) and Inspections with various Authorities.

Key Points and Specialty of our Seafarers:

  • Outstanding by profession.
  • Strong Academic Background.
  • Qualified, Skilled, Hardworking, Energetic and Competent.
  • Obedient to Seniors, cooperative to onboard staff with good attitude. 
  • By nature very friendly and quite flexible to work with any Nationality.
  • Do level best efforts in the Interest of Vessels, Owners/Managers/Operators and very much Loyal to Employer (Company).

Something very Special with our Seafarers, they are Non-Alcoholic (Specially Pakistani), which is very Important and good for onboard Ship Internal Atmosphere, Crew Safety, Cargo Safety and Ship Safety.