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We Fortune Shipping & Trading Services (Pvt.) Ltd Pakistan, well known reputed company globally, we covers almost all sectors related to Maritime and Shipping Industry, but our main focused on Crew Management / Crew Manning activities, which is toughest and most challenging side of the Industry.

As we well aware that the role and the importance of Seafarers  in Shipping Industry, it is like Spinal Code of the Industry and proud to say that we chose the most challenging side, our aim is to share the responsibilities / workloads of our valued Ship-owners / Managers, especially  the matters related to Crewing, so by providing high Standard, Qualified, Competent Skilled Seafarers to their fleet, so that Ship Owners/Managers may have some free of mind / relax from crewing side and put their concentration/ focus on commercial side to gain Business Benefits.

Our Organization consists on Ex. Master Mariner, Chief Engineer and highly professional/skilled Technical Team and Management staff, they are expert in their field.



Mission Vision & Goals

We have deep eyes on the day to day changes taking place in our Global village, so we try to keep our self well aware about International Politics, Economy, Natural Disasters, Destructions and Development. We focus that how can play our role for the development and betterment of our Global Village. As we all know, from the beginning of the world creation, Shipping and Maritime industry having key role.

Toward the Enhancement of our Vision, it is our mission to play vital role in Shipping and Maritime Industry.

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